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Litigating a wrongful conviction to achieve some measure of justice and compensation requires a skilled and experienced team who understand how to conduct a thorough review of a previous criminal investigation– an autopsy to determine exactly what caused the justice system to fail. Often, that review requires digging into cases that are decades old.

The lawyers at Pfeiffer Rudolf have an established track record of successfully representing individuals who have been wrongfully prosecuted, imprisoned, or convicted. But what sets us apart is that we have been criminal defense lawyers. We have decades of experience on the front lines in criminal cases; we have seen first-hand how the system goes wrong, and why. We know from our own experiences what happens in a criminal case from the inception of an investigation to the charging stage, and all the way through trial.

We know that police officers suffer from tunnel vision – they think they know what happened in a case – and that causes them to engage in confirmation bias: they ignore or discount the exculpatory facts and put undue weight on the circumstances that support their initial theory no matter how wrong their theory may be. We see it time and time again. Ironically, the less real evidence they have of a person’s guilt – because the person is innocent – the more likely they are to engage in misconduct, such as:

  • Causing false confessions.
  • Pressuring witnesses to make false statements.
  • Using suggestive identification procedures.
  • Using unreliable forensic evidence – such as hair comparison or blood spatter analysis.
  • Offering rewards to informants or witnesses without confirming what they say.
  • Failing to interview or credit alibi witnesses.
  • Conducting “suspect-based” investigations instead of “fact-based” investigations.
  • Engaging in group think.
  • Concealing exculpatory evidence – Brady material – from prosecutors.

Advocacy and Support Organizations

We are proud to partner and work with other organizations and advocacy groups, including many focused on assisting those who have been wrongfully convicted. These organizations provide valuable resources and support, including legal advice, financial assistance, and health-related resources for the wrongfully convicted and their families.

We encourage and help our clients to connect with the various organizations that assist those who have been wrongfully convicted as they work to reintegrate into society, renew or repair relationships, and adjust to a world that often looks very different from the world before incarceration. The organizations we work with include:

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