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As lawyers who believe in exposing the abuse of power by those in positions of authority in the criminal justice system, we know that this must occur not just in the courtrooms, but in the public at large.  We have therefore produced an award-winning podcast, Abuse of Power, written articles and a book published by HarperCollins, American Injustice, produced an award-winning documentary, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Social Justice, and spoken at numerous public events, including about the abuses that took place in the Michael Peterson murder trial, as shown in the Netflix documentary The Staircase.  We also speak about the underlying causes of wrongful convictions, how all citizens can have an impact on the criminal legal system to insure social and legal justice, and the importance of trial advocacy at all stages of both criminal and civil proceedings.

National & International Speaking Engagements

Sonya Pfeiffer and David Rudolf present nationally and internationally on various topics, such as the criminal legal system, social justice advocacy, legal ethics, and litigation training for both civil and criminal defense attorneys. Audiences leave our presentations inspired, informed and ready to make change. We educate and motivate our audiences, while providing real-world examples and practical advice to those who desire to become better advocates and more involved in social justice issues. We have a deep understanding of the law and its application to social justice issues and can provide valuable insight that can help bring about positive change.

What attendees say about our presentations:

I regularly handle media cases. I have seen numerous CLE speakers give bad advice on handling media cases. This speaker was, by far, the most knowledgeable on handling the media favorably for the client.

This was cutting edge and bold. I will absolutely re-envision my relationship with the media after this, and I admire her innovative vibe

Excellent presentation. Good start getting people up and moving at the beginning. Great case study use. Great examples on interacting with the press and good practices. Great resources that the media looks at

Really appreciate the client-centered approach when having the media discussion. Excellent cadence of speech by presenter that was helpful to stay engaged after lunch break.

Our Podcast, Abuse of Power

Our award-winning podcast, Abuse of Power, is on Audible. This podcast examines how power is abused in our society through storytelling – we discuss our cases, as well as other cases that illustrate why change is necessary. Our guests range from activists and legal experts to survivors of abuses in the system and those who have faced injustice in their own lives.

What listeners say about our podcast:

I wonder how many calories I burned rage walking while listening to this podcast. Thank you both for sharing these cases and especially thankful to those who are willing to share their stories.

Amazing!!! Fantastic podcast!! I’ve binged all of the available episodes since hearing you on the My Favorite Murder pod!! I’m learning so much from your podcast!! Thank you!

Amazing & heartbreaking. This podcast is so good and I can’t stop listening but it’s painful to listen to the injustices. The narrators are both great speakers and easy to listen to.

Amazing! I love the perspective of this podcast and the fact that it’s lawyers who see the real picture day in and out. Really eye opening on all aspects on law and order and enlightening. I wish they would give us more episodes.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Social Justice

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Social Justice” is an award-winning short film by Sonya Pfeiffer that explores the concept of social justice and the importance of fighting for equality and fairness for all members of society. The documentary tells the story of the grueling sweatshop in El Monte, California, that held illegal immigrants as hostage workers before law enforcement raided the facility.  It follows the young lawyer who led a movement, along with the sweatshop workers, to advocate for freedom and social justice, highlighting the challenges and obstacles they face along the way.
Official Selection, San Francisco Short Film Festival – 2007

American Injustice

In American Injustice, David Rudolf draws from his years of experience in the American criminal legal system to shed light on the misconduct that exists at all levels of law enforcement and the tragic consequences that follow in its wake. Rudolf gives a voice to those who have been the victim of wrongful accusations and shows in the starkest terms the human impact of legal wrongdoing.

What readers say about the book:

The most disturbing thing about this compelling, well-written, rage-inducing work is that we know it is but a small collection of such stories that stain our criminal justice system. Must read.

Rudolf’s book is a must read not just for lawyers but American society as a whole. His riveting stories bring to the forefront the abuses of power that permeate our system of justice. Likely to become a classic and should inspire lawyers and criminal justice advocates for decades.

This book is compelling reading for all criminal lawyers and any other person involved in the legal system. The author recounts numerous cases in which the defendant was imprisoned as a result of faulty evidence, prosecutorial malfeasance, police incompetence and junk science such as hair comparison, blood spatter evidence and other so called scientific forensic evidence. The miscarriages of justice recited in this book have resulted in millions of dollars in damages awarded to people improperly incarcerated. The shortcomings of the justice system recounted in this book cause one to question how many other hundreds or thousands of convicted defendants may be wrongfully incarcerated or executed. It is simply shocking to consider.

The storytelling in this book is rich in detail. Mr. Rudolf helps us understand injustice on an emotional level, rather than just an intellectual one. He painstakingly lays out case after case of miscarriages of justice and shows how even people with good intentions end up being villians in a dehumanizing process that robs innocent men and women of decades of life. Most of these stories take place in Mr. Rudolf’s home state of North Carolina. One is left to speculate about the magnitude of these systemic flaws nationwide. It’s time to take a hard look at our system’s failures, and American Injustice is the perfect vehicle for doing it.

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