North Carolina Appeals Lawyer

NC Appellate Attorneys for Criminal & Civil Cases

Appellate lawyers represent clients wishing to appeal to a higher court. Appeals can be filed in almost any case and are often filed in criminal and civil rights cases. If you are considering filing an appeal in a case, it is important to work with experienced appellate attorneys in the Charlotte, NC, area who are familiar with the rules and procedures of the state and federal court systems.

The attorneys at Pfeiffer Rudolf have decades of experience representing clients before the federal and state appellate courts, including the Supreme Court of North Carolina, the North Carolina Court of Appeals, and the United States Circuit Courts of Appeals. We strive to bring innovative strategies to our clients’ appeals, based upon creative thinking about the potential issues in each case combined with a thorough exploration of the law, to produce persuasive briefs and oral arguments.

When a case is appealed, the appellate attorney’s role is to review the record of the lower court proceedings and identify any legal or constitutional errors that may have occurred. The attorney will then prepare and file “briefs” (statements of the grounds for the appeal) with the higher court, outlining the legal arguments and explaining why the lower court’s decision should be overturned.

Our appellate experience includes both civil and criminal cases. We also consult with other attorneys about various aspects of appellate litigation. Contact us today.