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Challenging a conviction after a defendant’s direct appeal has been denied requires a thorough knowledge of the procedural roadblocks that legislatures and courts have created, and effective strategies for overcoming these roadblocks. The attorneys at Pfeiffer Rudolf have this expertise as a result of decades of experience representing clients in post-conviction cases in the federal and state courts. We understand the complex procedures involved, including the technical issues of procedural default, retroactivity, and statutes of limitation, and the most effective strategies to overcome these technicalities.

When we are hired to challenge a conviction after an appeal has been denied, we first provide our client with a thorough analysis of the issues that can be raised, and an assessment of the potential for success. If, after the initial review, we believe there is a reasonable chance of success, we advise the client of this and work with investigators, expert witnesses, and other specialists to build a case and present it effectively in court.

For example, we determine if trial or appellate counsel was ineffective in representing the client, and present that evidence to the court through a post-conviction petition. Similarly, we determine if any “new evidence” – evidence that was not available at the time of the original trial- now exists that supports the person’s motion for a new trial. Such “new evidence” may consist of:

  • DNA evidence.
  • Evidence that a witness has recanted.
  • Evidence that a confession was fabricated.
  • Evidence that an identification was mistaken.
  • Evidence that forensic testimony was unreliable.
  • Newly discovered alibi testimony.
  • Exculpatory evidence that was concealed at the time of the trial.
  • Evidence of prosecutorial or police misconduct.

We also provide legal assistance to individuals seeking pardons, commutations, sentence reductions, parole, or compassionate release, and prepare the documents necessary to persuade the appropriate decisionmaker that the relief sought is justified. Contact us today.