Our Approach

We Limit Our Caseload

We take only a handful of cases at any given time. Our clients know they are a priority, and that their case will be handled with individualized attention in as timely a manner as possible.

We Take a Broad Approach to Each Case

When we take on a case, we deeply explore the facts and all potential claims, with a view beyond the readily apparent facts and issues. Our goal is to know the case better than anyone – better than any prior lawyer and better than our adversaries. We recognize the importance of focus and attention to detail.

We Use Our Experience to Focus on the Important Facts

Our team has extensive experience in defending criminal cases in the state and federal trial courts. Key members – David Rudolf, Sonya Pfeiffer, and JP Lattimore – have been defense counsel in some of the most high-profile criminal cases in the country before devoting their efforts to wrongful conviction cases. Rudolf defended former NFL receiver Rae Carruth against murder charges and gained worldwide attention for his work in the Michael Peterson murder trial, depicted in the Netflix docuseries The Staircase.

That experience has proven invaluable in understanding the facts and nuances that lead to wrongful prosecutions and convictions.

We Value Client Relationships

We view our work as a partnership with our clients. Our clients know we are working with them, not just for them, in the pursuit of justice after the wrongs they have endured.

We make sure our clients know that we are with them every step of the way, always available to address their questions or concerns and always fighting to right the wrongs that were done to them.